I’m a writer and editor, specializing in instructional content. Two decades of experience as a planetarium-based STEM educator have given me the ability to communicate concepts clearly and concisely, to a diverse range of audiences. While writing everything from feature-length scripts, to lessons and lectures, to articles and blog posts, I’ve developed the versatility to make magic out of any project.

My wheelhouse includes:

  • Instructional content (scripts, guides, how-to articles)
  • Genre fiction (ghostwriting, copy-editing, Americanizing translations)
  • Games writing (narrative design, module development, flavor text)

I originally honed my editorial skills at academic publications such as The Journal of Intergroup Relations and Communiqué. In recent years, I’ve parlayed that copy-editing know-how into the world of genre fiction, working with self-published authors to make their manuscripts sparkle.

Not content to simply edit novels, I’ve ghostwritten several myself, in addition to a variety of novellas and short stories for anthologies. My ghostwriting projects garner overwhelmingly positive reviews, like…

Great story, complex characters, a real page turner.

I love how [this author] spins a tale, the story sucks you in and holds you until you finish the book. Highly recommended!

Not disappointed! Characters with depth and flaws are what I want.

A completely engrossing read with well-developed characters. As I went to post my review I am astounded that this appears to be the first book for this author – perhaps an established author is using a new name for a new genre – as this story has pace, intrigue and all aspects as if from an experienced writer.

I’ve also worked in the gaming world, writing for TouchArcade (the world’s largest iOS gaming site) and the UK National Lottery. Recently, I’ve been shifting that focus to pen-and-paper projects, creating content in the tabletop roleplaying game space.

Whatever the project, I’m always driven by my inner educator, meticulously crafting content to engage, inform, excite, and inspire. My robust blend of skills and experiences lets me bring a unique perspective to every project I work on, whether that’s a corporate training series, a science show for kindergartners, or an anthology of eldritch horror.

You can find samples of my non-NDA’d work here. If you like what you see, let’s talk. I’d love to conjure up your next amazing article, or transmute your existing project into gold.